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What is Tegrity?

Tegrity is a cloud based "capture" software application that is accessed totally online. Tegrity captures whatever is on the desktop of your computer or IPad with either audio or audio and video combined. Tegrity is available to the entire FSU campus and the Tegrity App, necessary to use on computer has been loaded on all classroom support computers. Tegrity is free and also very easy to use. It is as simple as 'Start/Stop'. It does not require hours of learning but minutes.

Tegrity functions by recording the entire class session giving faculty the opportunity to upload each lecture session while making it available and accessible to all students within minutes after the presentation. Media may include but not limited to PowerPoints, video, audio, and any or all activity associated with the course management system being used. Instructors also have the option of making the recordings available to selected students rather than the entire class.

The versatility of information delivery through direct access to the Tegrity repository, or having the recordings downloaded to their personal mobile devices (i.e. , such as an IPod, IPad, or cell phone, Droid) are also added advantage to this type of technology. There is an APP in the Apple store for Tegrity.

In institutions where Tegrity has been used, it has enhanced the experience for every student to achieve success in their coursework by giving them opportunities to revisit course material covered in class, as well as reinforcing complex ideas and supporting student notes that may have overlooked important concepts in the course lecture.

For you to use Tegrity you must first request a link in any Blackboard course using either the Control Panel in Blackboard or contact Joanna Southerland at who is on loan from the College of Business to help with Tegrity implementation campus wide. Once there is an initial connection to any Blackboard course, Tegrity can be accessed at At this site, you have your own private course and can record in there and then chose to move to your real course or send a direct link to specific person(s).

Once you record, stop, and upload (these screens all show up), your Tegrity recording is rendered on your computer and then once done, the recording is shipped via cloud to Tegrity computers and through FSUID connection will appear as a link in a Blackboard course or your private course; you choose.

Procedures for Setting up Tegrity for Classroom Recordings

  1. Go to your course site
  2. Click on course tools in the control panel
  3. Click on the Tegrity request tool
  4. Fill out the form and hit submit
  5. There is also a box you can check if you want training on how to use Tegrity
  6. You will need to use a wireless mic to capture audio for your Tegrity recordings. You can also use a Logitech web cam with a built in wireless mic and this will enable both audio and video capture.
  7. If you plan on showing video clips in your lecture, click on the following for instructions on how to set up your classroom computer with the wireless Revolab mics. Configuring a Revolab Xtag Microphone

Checking out a wireless microphone for the Semester

  1. Student Disability Resource Center at 644-9566 and ask for KimBoo York Email:
    or Joanna Southerland, (850) 443-0152 at the College of Business, Email:
  2. We will provide training on how to use the wireless mic with your Blackboard Tegrity session.
  3. Return the wireless mic to the appropriate entity at the end of the semester.

Tegrity Support Articles

FSU Office of Distant Learning has helpful information on how to get started with Tegrity.Tegrity Support Articles

Helpful Tegrity Tips Blog

Tegrity FSU Helpful Links includes a wealth of information to help you get started.It includes information on how to set it up for classroom use to using in on different mobile platforms and more.This blog can be found at